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La siesta

hammocks for your special moments

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Jurianne matter

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La siesta

Hammocks for your special moments

Find your hammock

La Siesta Hammocks

Looking for a place to relax? Why don’t you create your own paradise with one of our comfortable hammocks?

A hammock for relaxation


Joki Nest

The perfect hammock for your children. A place for them to explore, play and enjoy the day.


About us

Seats & More is a dynamic company in Dubai, UAE that focuses on the indoor and outdoor product market in the GCC. We offer a variety of items that you rarely encounter in the Middle East. because we do not choose everyday items.
Our mission is to bring functional, and exciting new products to the Middle East. Design, safety, sustainable, convenient products have our preference. Brands such as Happy Cocooning cocoon tables, Long Living Products, La Siesta Hammocks, MyCocoon Hammam | Turkish Towels,  and Camel Kidz folding travel high chairs are trendy and comfortable products. They are all suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use.
At Seats & More we are not just distributors, importers, and sellers. We also pride ourselves on being ‘brand champions’. Our goal is to build awareness for the brands we partner in.